Year End eager Buyers and hesitant sellers

This is the time of year where only serious buyers may be out there looking for a home. If you have been contemplating selling, this is your time. There are minimal things you can do to spruce up your home.

New paint makes you place brighten up.

Clean the floors and carpet for a fresh sparkling touch.

Make sure the landscape is free of weeds and debris.

And of course bake some cookies to make your place smell amazing

Even a spring cleaning campaign in the winter.  Cleaning the windows makes everything brighter.  Also putting all personal photos and knickknacks away to give the house a cleaner and neater appearance.

Wipe down all doors around the doorknobs removing caked on dirt and residue.  Also some pretty flowers to brighten up the dining room table.  What a difference it all makes.

Don’t hesitate to ask for the most money for your home. I can do a free home valuation for you, just ask!